The Best Apps to Remote into a Windows PC   Mobile gadgets may be more popular but for managing work, the PC remains indispensible. This is why even in this day and age of smart phones and tablets, you need a remote desktop app to access your PC. Although Apple leads the way in mobile technology, when it comes to operating systems, Windows remains the primary choice. You can even find a select group of Apple iPhone users who prefer Windows over macOS. You can find multi- platform apps that can function on Windows and iOS but finding ways to integrate both operating systems remain a challenge. In the tightly competitive world of IT, it’s all about business. It’s a good thing these tech companies as well as others, still realize the shared cause of making the world a better place. You need to find common ground, work together and help consumers find solutions. Also see: An amazing app to perform a google image reverse search This has opened a new market of opportunities for the remote desktop app; the best solution to bridge the popularity of mobile with the importance of the PC. Here are a few of the best remote desktop apps in the market:
  1. Remote HD – Remote HD is a versatile remote desktop app. Not only can you control your Windows PC from your iPhone but you can apply its features on a Macs and AppleTV.
Remote HD is like having a PC in the palm of your hand. You can see the screen of your PC and the remote desktop app can simulate the use of a mouse and a keyboard. If you tend to work from the outdoors, Remote HD can connect via GPRS, EDGE or 3G. Remote HD is available at the Apple Store for AUS$ 10.89.
  1. Chrome Remote Desktop – Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop has an iOS version which can be downloaded on your iPhone. It pretty much works the same way as it would on an Android. Now all you need is to download the Chrome Extension on your desktop.
Once you’ve set it up, you will be able to access your PC with this remote desktop app using your iPhone or iPAD. Even though you have to download Google Chrome with the remote desktop extension, you will still be able to control the PC with just the remote desktop app. Chrome Remote Desktop is available for free at the Apple Store.
  1. Microsoft Remote – Of course, Microsoft would have its own remote desktop app that is available with other platforms including iOS. However, there is a catch.
Microsoft Remote is only available with Server and Professional versions of Windows. You will need to install the RDP assistant on your PC which will basically do the rest for you. Once installed, Microsoft Remote will allow you to access your PC. Other features include a magnifier and an on- screen keyboard. What makes Microsoft Remote one of the best remote desktop apps is that it has multiple connections. You can manage more than 1 PC at a time. Microsoft Remote is available for free at the Apple Store.
  1. Hippe Remote Pro – This is another versatile remote desktop app that allows you to access Windows as well as Mac and Linux.
Hippe Remote Pro provides mouse and keyboard simulation features but can also support other apps such as Boxee, iTunes and Hulu Desktop plus different online services and social media. For those who crave online entertainment, Hippe Remote Pro has a gaming mouse feature so you can expertly handle your favorite games. Hippe Remote Pro is available at the Apple Store for AUS$ 6.80
  1. Mobile Mouse Pro – This is the best remote app for simulating keyboard and mouse function. You can also connect it via WiFi or Bluetooth plus an option for a virtual mouse via USB.
Other features include:
  • Volume control
  • Numeric keyboard
  • Option to set hotkeys
  • Multi- touch trackpad
  • Multi- language keyboard
Mobile Mouse Pro is compatible with all Apple devices. It is available at the Apple Store for AUS$ 2.70.
  1. iTeleport Remote – This is one of the most expensive remote desktop apps in the market and it has the features to justify it:
  • Connectivity options include WiFi, 3G and 4G/LTE networks
  • Connect up to 20 PCs
  • Compatible with MS Office and Photoshop
  • Comes with VNC servers for Windows
  • Ability to control media players
  • Support for VGA
  • Wake up PCs via LAN
iTeleport Remote is the best remote desktop app for business purposes. It is available at the Apple Store for AUS$ 34.
  1. iShutdown – If you want the best remote desktop app with no frills, iShutdown is for you. Not only will it shut down your PC for you but it can wake it up, put it to sleep, restart or place it in hibernation mode.
Connectivity is via WiFi and 3G which makes it ideal if you’re out of the house most of the time. This remote desktop app will simply scan the PCs in your network and it’s up to you to turn them off. Keep in mind that iShutdown must also be installed in your PC. iShutdown is available at the Apple Store for AUS$ 2.70.
  1. WiFiRemote – This remote desktop app does not have the screen projection function but it has other features to control your PC:
  • Virtual Touch Pad
  • Multi- lingual Text Pad
  • Landscape Keyboard
  • 3- Button Accelerator Mouse to move the mouse on your PC
  • Ability to connect multiple PCs
  • Turn off your PC from a remote location
The WiFiRemote is available at the Apple Store for AUS$ 4.00.
  1. Remote – This remote desktop app allows you to manage iTunes on your PC. It will basically let you navigate iTunes like the original app.
Connectivity with iTunes on your PC is through WiFi. Simply install the app, locate the PC and start streaming music. It is available for free at the Apple Store.
  1. Jumpstart – Another remote desktop app with all the bells and whistles and the price tag to prove it. Jumpstart is loaded with the following features:
  • Computer screen projection
  • Mouse function
  • Touch Pad support
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Connectivity via WiFi and 3G networks
  • Copy/ Paste text between devices
  • HDMI/ VGA support
  • Linea and Infinea support
  • MSR scanners
Jumpstart is available at the Apple Store for AUS$ 20. Which is the best remote desktop app for you? These are all good, reliable remote desktop apps so your choice would depend on your purpose. Free versions can do the job for simple tasks. But if you’re heavily reliant on your PC for business, be prepared to spend a little bit more.

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