No machine is perfect. Even you might have a problem with the most expensive computer. Though Acer has earned a good name for providing high-quality laptops, you may still incur problems which you need to fix to use the laptop again. Here are the common problems you will find in most Acer computers.

The motherboard

Acer’s motherboard from Hannstar factories often fails more often than the others. This is a common problem. Acer doesn’t create all its motherboards. Some of these are made by different manufacturers like Hannstar.


Acer computers may have faulty capacitors. These problems will be visible. You can check with an oscilloscope whether the capacitor is in good condition or not. When you see that the laptop is frequently failing, then you know that it’s due to the capacitor. If the oscillator shows drastic fluctuations or spikes, then you know that it’s time to replace the capacitor.


Acer desktops can sometimes get overheated. If the four heatsink clips are not placed properly, then the CPU may get overheated.You can put a dust cover to prevent this problem.


The RAM may fail sometimes. You should check the temperature and if it’s higher than usual then it’s an indication that something might be wrong with the RAM.

Acer desktops and laptops have similar problems. Whenever you see such problems, you should take them to a repair shop. Go to a reputed repair shop so that no further damage occurs to your Acer computer.