Acer EE is a blog about Acer computers. Here you will get technical tips, opinions, information and reviews. It is a blog for anyone interested in technology. I came up with the idea of this blog when I was a member of the troubleshooting club. I worked with optimising PCs and laptops to improve their performance.

I have been using Acer Aspire One for many years. I thought of sharing my experience with this machine and talk about its performance issues. When I used use work on troubleshooting, I found that Acer was a better computer than many others, because I rarely found any major problem with this machine.

Acer is now a well-known brand, and it’s price range fits the budget of anyone, even a student. This blog is about everything you need to know about the Acer computers. So, if you are looking for advice on buying an Acer computer, or trying to find what features are included in this computer, then you should read our blog. You will get the latest information about Acer computer in this blog.