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4 common problems you will find in Acer computers

No machine is perfect. Even you might have a problem with the most expensive computer. Though Acer has earned a good name for providing high-quality laptops, you may still incur problems which you need to fix to use the laptop again. Here are the common problems you will find in most Acer computers. The motherboard Acer’s motherboard from Hannstar factories often fails more often than the others. This is a common problem. Acer doesn’t create all its motherboards. Some of these are made by different manufacturers like Hannstar. Capacitor Acer computers may have faulty capacitors. These problems will be...

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Top 3 Acer laptops of 2016

Acer is coming up with new models from time to time. Each model has some unique features and is meant for a specific purpose in mind. Here are the top Acer laptops of this year. Acer Aspire S 13 If you are looking for a portable laptop, then this is the right choice for you. It is only over 0.5 inches thick and has a fast Core i5 processor, colourful HD display and a 256GB SSD. You can get this laptop for only $679. You will get 9 hours of extended battery life with it. Acer Predator 17X It...

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Top 5 reasons why Acer computer is a good choice

The market for Acer computers is growing. They have now become a prominent brand. One of the reasons for it is producing high-quality electronics at a lower price. Acer computer provides some great specifications at an affordable rate. Here are the major benefits of Acer. Memory Acer computers come with a solid amount of memory. It has room for additional memory sticks to be added later. There is a lot of hard drive space as well. You can get more than 300GB or hard drive storage or even more with Acer computers. Portability The netbooks and notebook versions of...

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