I have been working with Acer computers for many years. I have been a long time since I’ve bee writing this blog. Now I want my readers to have a different perspective, so I want contribution from you. If you are a tech guy and have good knowledge and experience in working with Acer computers, then you can write for my blog. I get lots of questions every day. People write to me for inquiring about various aspects of Acer computer. They even ask for troubleshooting tips. You can join and help me deal with all these. Usually, I don’t answer a particular question; I write an article about the topic that concerns my audience so that the others can benefit from it. So, I’ll be providing you with a topic to write about.

General guidelines

  • You must have sound knowledge about Acer computers and will be able to write on the technical aspects of it.
  • Your writing should be original and without any errors.
  • Technical jargons must be used carefully as the audience of my blog are general people who may not understand terms that are too technical.
  • Author biography and link to a website must be included.

We will first request a writing sample from you. Once we are satisfied, you can start writing for us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.