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Too much cooking and back half?

You must divide your cow in halfs at a different place than I do. The ribs (and hence rib eye cuts) are in the front half - at the back of the front half, yes, but certainly not from the back half.

And 15-20 minutes? You're way into medium-rare territory there, possibly medium... Real men cook steak to blue and not a second longer.

The cooking oil you want to use is grape seed oil. Something like olive oil will burn and impart an unpleasant flavor to the steak. Don't use cheap shit.

Grape seed oil? Might be a good dea, but you can certainly use olive oil too! But it changes the cooking method : put the olive oil in the pan before you begin to heat it up, then put the steak in the oil before it's too hot and does burn. It WILL taste great, but you have to control the temperature : as soon as it smokes, it's burnt.

Next, (and this is important) take the cooked steaks out of the pan, don't turn off the burner and place it on a clean platter and let it "rest". During its resting period it will "bleed" its juices. Let it rest for about 5 minutes or less. Then take those juices that have left the steak and pour them into the pan and mix it with a small amount of balsamic vinegar. Cook this for a minute or so and then pour this over the steak.

Balsamic vinegar fails it. It will ruin the taste of the steak. Use water in case of diet or cream with some weak flavouring like mushrooms or pink peppers, so the strongest taste on your plate is meat, not sugared vinegar.

Also, Angus is nowhere near the only good beef strain! In Blegium we have the Blue-White-Belgian (Bleu-blanc-belge), it's a meat with almost no fat (so not marbled), tastes a little weak, but then, no fat. Good for sportive types who eat lots of red meat for building muscle mass.

Then the best steak in the world is Kobe beef, it's fuckin' MASSAGED before slaughter. Tender as love and the finest taste ever.

There also is Charolais, it's the French good beef. Incredibly marbled, rich, tasty, LOTS of juices.

Then Irish beef is good, too. Second choice after the Angus.

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