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Steak cut

I use the olive oil as mentioned below and heat it until it shimmers. Then I crush garlic in a medium press and add it to the oil with fresh ground pepper. I salt the steak lightly and then pan fry on both sides, replenishing garlic if necesary. I like my meat done and so will pop it into a clay shell and bake it afterwards in the garlic/salt/pepper oil for a few minutes. Then rest it and serve.

For really thick steaks I slice a pocket into the center and stuff with garlic and rough crushed pepper corns, then cook as above.

I think whilst getting good meat is essential it isn't a matter of having only one cut of steak.

Different cuts have different textures and flavours and also require different cooking. Without good meat you'll never have good steak. You can't improve bad meat by cooking it. But you can ruin good meat with bad cooking.

Whilst the cut is important, as not all meats are suitable for cooking as a steak what is more important is the quality of the meat. The age of the animal, how it was raised, the amount of time it has been hung and how it was butchered.

I would say that the best steak is the one you least expect. Last night I had a nice tenderloin steak, 5 minutes each side on a medium heat to cook it then a 30 second sear on both sides. The results were a medium rare delightfully tender steak. One of the best steaks I've had and certainly a better use of the tenderloin than I've had before.

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