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I'd make a bid for world peace

That is, I'd pour every cent of it into alternate energy research. You turn oil back into a nasty black sludge that people avoid because if you dig it up, you have to clean it up, and suddenly the world gets nicer. First off, that section of the world called the middle east? If they want to have "self strangling" parties in which the person who passes out first gets a extra square foot of sand, so be it. Get our troops out and make it clear that the only thing american coming in now will be missiles if some asshole decides to try and pilot a plane into a building. Get the hell out of the middle east.

You take your alternate engery and you take the money that isn't being spent on coal and oil and gas and you pour it into health care and schools at home. And your soldiers, since they don't have some swarthy dark idiot to shoot, they can actually be put to work doing more interesting things and less dangerout things. Like sandbagging when a river floods or moving a bunch of idiots who haven't got the good sense to leave when there's a hurricane coming. Immigration - well, why immigrate when you can actually make the people's home countries not seem like pus infested sores? You put a bunch of the money you save into unemployment, because you let the banks who sold loans to people who never should have been able to get them in the first place, you let those suckers burn.

Now take your cheap alternate energy and go to the third world and start setting up schools. Schools where you teach kids, and schools where you teach adults. The kids get taught things like math and reading. The adults get taught things like "Witchcraft is a crock" and "Aids comes from unprotected sex". No need to burn down the rain forest to cook dinner, folks - heat your food on an electric stove.

No, alternate energy isn't a perfect solution (nothing is free) but eliminating dependence on oil with a technology you wouldn't mind giving away, that's not a bad use of $700b.

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